The International Football Group Partnership With Atletico De Madrid and ESBS

The International Football Group x Atlético de Madrid x European Sport Business School (ESBS) 

bachelors degree

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University Programme in partnership with Atlético de Madrid

Offering both Bachelor and Masters programmes in partnership with the European Sport Business School. In what undoubtedly represents our flagship offering, we are thrilled to present our University Programmes in partnership with the European Sport Business School.

These exhilarating programmes give student-athletes from all over the world the unique opportunity to combine studying for a globally recognised degree qualification with continuing their football journey in a truly world-class, professional and inspiring environment.

As well as enjoying the very best in academic provision, you will also revel in life as a full-time footballer knowing that your passions will be fuelled every step of the way. The University Programmes are meticulously designed – promoting exemplary standards both on and off the field of play.

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Juventus Summer Training Experience
Atlético de Madrid Training
Juventus Summer Training Experience
Atlético de Madrid GK
J Hotel
J Hotel


ESBS European Sport Business School

European Sport Business School is a business school specialising in sports management and business sport. They were born in 2009 from the sports industry to serve it, promote its professionalisation and global sustainable growth.

We work so that our students can face the current and future challenges of the sports industry with guarantees, through a practical learning methodology and working on the skills of a person who holds positions of responsibility.

Since 2021, we have been part of ACE Education, an international educational group, which has allowed us to become the largest business school specialised in management and sport in Europe, with more than 15 campuses in Spain, France and the United Kingdom.

What does it mean to study Sport Management?

By studying sport management as a profession, you will have the ability to manage sport entities and companies, manage specific areas of the industry itself such as sport event management, marketing, and sponsorship in clubs, human resources or the area of finance, specialising in areas specific to the sport industry such as athlete management, volunteering, events, among others.

Choosing ESBS by AMOS means joining Europe’s pioneering sports management school that, since 2007, has been accompanying people like you, who are passionate about sport, in their journey into the sports industry. Offering certified training of the highest standard.

Alongside the best experts and professionals in the sports industry, we design programmes that respond to the labour market needs of today’s sports industry.

Registered in the French National Directory of Professional Certifications, Level 6, recognised by the French State (OJ of 14/02/20). Obtaining 180 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System)*.

*The RNCP qualification is an official foreign qualification recognised by the French authorities and is not considered a state-official qualification in Spain.

European Bachelor in Sports Marketing and Event Management

Learn how to manage global sports companies and organisations. Entirely in English.

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Football Experience

Vision: The vision of the Atlético de Madrid Football Program encapsulates a multifaceted approach aimed at establishing its preeminence as a global leader in football development. By capitalising on the synergistic strengths of Atlético de Madrid and IFG, the program endeavours to nurture talent, stimulate academic advancement, and cultivate a culture of excellence in football education. Through this visionary perspective, the program seeks to transcend conventional boundaries, empowering aspiring student-athletes to realise their full potential on and off the pitch by combining Football and University Education experiences.

Implementation: The implementation of a robust partnership framework with Atlético de Madrid serves as the cornerstone, facilitating seamless collaboration, synergy, and mutual reinforcement of objectives to provide a unique opportunity to combine football training and higher education.

The strategic alignment with Atlético de Madrid affords unparalleled access to coaching expertise, state-of-the-art facilities and a commitment to student-athlete excellence. 

Player-Programme Development: The bespoke tailoring of the programme offerings reflects a profound understanding of student-athletes’ needs, preferences, and developmental trajectories, fostering engagement, satisfaction, and long-term commitment. Overall, our programme initiatives are delivered to engage a broad spectrum of prospective student-athletes, leveraging institutional affiliations, grassroots networks, and digital platforms to amplify visibility and accessibility.

Atletico Coach
Juventus Summer Training Experience
Atlético de Madrid Training

What’s Included

Technical Provision


Official Atletico De Madrid Academy Coaching Staff


Physiotherapy Support


Structured Training Sessions & Matches


Complete Training & Match Kits


Access to Atlético de Madrid Facilities


Exclusive Tickets for La Liga Matches

J Hotel


La Salle

The accommodation costs encompass the provision of a private, secure, and lockable room designed for optimal comfort, complete with a double bed, a functional desk, and a chair to cater to individual needs. Residents also enjoy the convenience of an en suite bathroom, ensuring personal space and privacy.

Additionally, a shared kitchen and lounge area, accommodating up to six individuals fosters a sense of community and promotes social interactions. Furthermore, the inclusion of an on-site gym adds an extra dimension to the residents’ well-being, providing a convenient fitness option within the accommodation premises. With its strategic location, being just a short journey to the University, our accommodation ensures not only comfort but also proximity making it an ideal choice for students seeking both convenience and a vibrant living experience.

Pathways & Opportunities:

Discover a wealth of exciting prospects and connections awaiting you with our Bachelor degrees.

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity allows you to learn from some of Atlético de Madrid’s most renowned academy coaching staff and also aims to provide student-athletes with the necessary qualifications and experiences that will act as a catalyst for future careers within the Sports and Business sector.

IFA Universcity Programme


A football education pathway true to the academy experience and environment, providing clear exit routes in the form of playing, coaching, analysis, physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, nutrition and many more!

Macclesfield FC Stadium


Our Club Link and Club Affiliate programme actively facilitates networking opportunities, real-life practical work experience and potential playing pathways for student-athletes.

BSc Sports Business Management UCLAN


Experience the spectrum of football in Spain, from semi-professional to professional teams, in a showcase of games. 

Macclesfield FC First Team Training


Pursuing a Bachelors degree or Masters degree in sports opens a gateway to diverse employment opportunities worldwide. These programmes not only provide in-depth knowledge about the intricacies of the sports industry but also helps to equip individuals with a versatile skill set. 

The Programme Costs

If you would like to discuss any of the funding options available to you, please ensure that you liaise with our Recruitment Team who are here to help you!

Recruitment Team are available at;


Year 1: €7,520

Year 2: €7,770

Year 3: €8,500


 Starting from €7, 520 

We are committed to assisting you in finding suitable accommodation that aligns with your preferences and needs



Our full-time football programme offers training led by UEFA qualified coaches, weekly competitive games & individual player reviews