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The International Football Group in partnership with Macclesfield FC & UCLAN.


Macclesfield FC Football Education

In association with some of the most respected organisations in the game, The International Football Group is an industry leader in education & football, providing a platform that offers the very best in football opportunities – together with academic excellence.

Using the football methodologies employed at some of the most renowned Clubs in the world, The International Football Group gives student-athletes a unique opportunity to fulfil all their dreams out on the pitch.

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UCLAN Graduation
The International Football Group Graduate
UCLAN Graduation
The International Football Group

Benefits of our programmes

Discover the unparalleled advantages of our programmes, enriched by our partnership with UCLan, offering a diverse range of Bachelor and Masters programmes alongside exceptional football excellence experiences.

The International Football Group Graduate
Intensive Learning Experience

Our programme compresses the traditional postgraduate curriculum into a three-year format, ensuring you receive the same education but in a more focused and dynamic setting. This structure allows you to delve into advanced coursework, engage in hands-on projects, and emerge with a thorough understanding of your field.

Cost-Effectiveness & Accelerated Career Entry

By completing your undergraduate degree in just three-year, you not only save on tuition but also accelerate your entry into the professional realm. This not only minimises financial investment but also enables you to start applying your knowledge in real-world scenarios sooner than with the conventional four-year model.

Integrated Football Training Sessions

Recognising the importance of holistic development, we have integrated football training sessions into the programme. Beyond academics, these sessions foster physical fitness, teamwork, and leadership skills. You’ll find a perfect balance between intellectual and physical pursuits, creating a well-rounded educational experience.

Weekly Matchday Experience

Weekly competitive matches, where you can apply the strategic thinking and teamwork principles to the football field. This experiential learning approach extends beyond the pitch, cultivating resilience, adaptability, and a winning mindset that will serve you well in any professional setting.

Networking Opportunities

Our programme offers a unique chance to connect with professionals, alumni, and fellow students through exclusive events, creating a strong network that will be invaluable in your future endeavors. Engage with industry leaders, learn from experienced professionals, and build relationships that extend far beyond the duration of your studies.

Mentorship Programmes

Benefit from personalised mentorship programmes where you’ll be guided by experienced faculty and industry professionals. This mentorship goes beyond academic support, providing insights, advice, and real-world perspectives to help shape your career path.

Global Exposure & Diversity

Experience a diversity of cultures within our student body. Engaging with classmates from various backgrounds enhances your global perspective, fostering a rich and inclusive learning environment that prepares you for an interconnected world.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

Our programme is meticulously designed to meet the demands of modern industries. You’ll gain cutting-edge knowledge and skills, ensuring that you graduate not just with a degree but with expertise directly applicable to your chosen field.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Immerse yourself in an environment equipped with world-renowned facilities, including advanced laboratories, libraries, and sports infrastructure. Whether you’re conducting research, attending lectures, or refining your football skills, UCLan campus provides the tools for success.

Flexible Learning Options

We understand the importance of accommodating different learning styles. Our programme offers flexibility through a blend of in-person and online learning, allowing you to tailor your educational experience to suit your preferences and lifestyle.

Career Services & Placement Support

Gain a competitive edge in the job market with our comprehensive career services. From resume building to interview preparation, our dedicated team is committed to supporting your transition from academia to your dream career.

Research Opportunities

Engage in ground-breaking research projects guided by experienced faculty members. Our commitment to research excellence provides you with opportunities to contribute to advancements in your field and make a lasting impact.

Exclusive Alumni Network

Join a thriving community of successful alumni who have excelled in various fields. Benefit from networking opportunities, mentorship programmes, and exclusive events that connect you with accomplished professionals around the globe.