U23 Shadow Youth Playing Squad

The International Football Group in partnership with Macclesfield FC & UCLAN.

Introducing The Team

Under 23 Shadow Youth Squad

Allow us to introduce the dedicated and passionate athletes who make up our promising Under-23 Shadow Youth Squad! These talented individuals have showcased their unwavering commitment to the sport, dedicating countless hours to rigorous training, unyielding dedication, and seamless teamwork to secure their positions within this dynamic squad.

Their remarkable skills and unwavering determination set them apart, and they’re poised to bring their absolute best to every match. With a shared passion for the beautiful game and a strong sense of camaraderie, these players are more than just teammates; they are a tight-knit family. Together, they stand ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way and to proudly and resolutely display their abilities on the field.

Get ready to witness the future of football as these remarkable Under-23 Shadow Youth Squad players light up the pitch!

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