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Macclesfield U19s suffered a 5-2 defeat at home against UFCA in their first cup game of the season.

Macclesfield U19s suffered a 5-2 defeat at home against UFCA in their first cup game of the season.

The seven-goal thriller scoreline was opened when UFCA scored in the 33rd minute of the first half. The away side then doubled their lead as they were able to score just two minutes later. The U19s were able to draw one back in the 41st minute through Cameron Daly but the third goal from UFCA on the stroke of half time gave them their two-goal lead back. UFCA had the ball in the back of the net again in the 55th minute. Carlos Dos Santos was able to get himself on the scoresheet drawing one back for the home side however the fifth goal from UFCA solidified the win for them.

The game started out equally and end to end both sides had chances but neither side were able to convert any of the chances creates.

Just after the half an hour mark the deadlock was broken, UFCA scored and the Silkmen were one nil down. Only two minutes had gone by, and the Blues had seen themselves fall short again as the away side made the game 2-0.

Ryan McMnallyโ€™s side opened their tally with a goal from their number nine Daly who was calm and composed as he converted the goal through the number of bodies within the box.

As Macclesfield were just a goal behind it seemed like there was hope to equalise however, all chances were diminished as UCFA scored their third goal of the game making it 3-1 just before half time.

Drama continued into the second half. It took only 10 minutes into the second half starting for the away side to score another. Dos santosโ€™ shot from distance deflected off of the defender and into the back of the net in the 60th minute of the game allowing Macclesfield to score another.

The scoreline read 4-2 up until the 78th minute of the fixture, but the goal from UFCA made the cup tie read 5-2. The U19s faced defeat at the final whistle.

By Ijeoma Osadebe