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We will play a positive role in each young footballer’s journey, whilst facilitating an environment that allows them to fall in love with the game. In addition to this, we will provide pathways that will inspire – laying the foundations for lifelong participation.

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Developing The Person

Promoting exemplary standards of behaviour, that centres on having respect for themselves and showing it towards others. We will nurture individuals who will not only reflect positively on our group, but also on the local community in general.

Developing The Player

Holistically supporting players on their individual journeys, by employing a meticulously devised curriculum. This will accelerate the player’s technical and tactical development, alongside their ever-expanding football intelligence.

Developing The Parent

Educating each player’s support network on The International Football Group methodology, in order to reinforce consistent messages from the group.

Developing The COACH

Providing a world-leading education pathway, with constant and relevant CPD opportunities to ensure that our coaches stay at the forefront of the industry.

Developing The Group

Provide an inspirational and permanently evolving platform for our group and the local community, which encourages lifelong football participation in a manner that we can all be proud of.

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University Programme

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Gap Year programme

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Macclesfield Residency

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Juventus Training Experience

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ID Clinics

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School Of Football

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